About Mary

Wow, thanks for stopping over to visit my about me page.  My name is Mary Kroptavich, and I am a child - through - adult portrait artist who strives to capture the beauty within us all. When I am not photographing humans I am in the woods capturing wildlife, being outdoors is what keeps me grounded.   

I am a child of two blind parents who did not grow up having a camera or photos on the wall.  Since my childhood I have been the "eyes and story teller" for those who can not see.  I believe that has given me this wonderful talent of seeing beauty with my eyes closed and creating beautiful images.  

I adore classic Fine Art Portraits and Black and White Images. My full time job is being a mom to three beautiful girls, drinking coffee non stop, learning all I can about photography, singing and listening to music (that is of course the key to my soul) and lastly making everyday of my life special and better than yesterday.