• My two greatest passions in life are nature and photography.
  • I am a wanderlust, adventure seeker, dog lover and lover of life. 
  • I am a mother of three beautiful girls.
  • I love campfires, hiking, biking, being around water, long walks with my dogs, sunrises and sunsets, jeans and T-shirts and ice cream with peanut butter sauce. 
  • I strongly believe that everyone I meet is worth getting to know. 
  • I believe in love.
  • I am constantly wanting to learn and try new things.
  • I dream about dancing in the rain and chasing rainbows.
  • I love music, it's the key to my soul.
  • I drink coffee like it's water.
  • My favorite medicine is Laughter, sarcasm and deep soul touching hugs. 
  • I believe and love God more than anything.
Mary P. Kroptavich

Mary P. Kroptavich